Links on this page are not meant to be understood as wholesale endorsements of everything claimed or sold at the various websites to which they connect. They are provided merely as references to our visitors. The appearance of an asterisk (*) indicates that the given link is not necessarily Reformed (i.e., Calvinistic) in its theological orientation, but Reformed resources may be found there. Consequently, greater discretion should be used when reading or purchasing materials from these sites.

*AbeBooks – This website is good for finding a book of a particular title.

*Alibris – General bookstore with many books and titles of various genres.  This site is good when you know what you  are looking for.

*Baker Books – Occasionally you can find some good used out-of-print titles here for a fair price.

Banner of Truth – Good bookstore for Reformed and Puritan resources.

* – Visit this website when you are looking for a particular title, particularly if it is out of print.

*Christian Book Distributors – Bargain prices but is broadly evangelical and strives to appeal to many theological viewpoints.

Crown and Covenant Publications – Very Reformed. Advocates exclusive Psalmody for worship.

*Eerdmans Publishing Company – Scholarly books. Many Reformed titles but not everything is gold here.

Great Commission Publications – Publishing company of both the OPC and the PCA

Presbyterian & Reformed Publications – Good bookstore for practical resources from a Reformed perspective.

Reformation Heritage Books – Great bookstore for Puritan resources and previously out-of-print Reformed titles.

Solid Ground Christian Books

Wipf & Stock Publishers – Good site for affordable out-of-print titles and academic books.

*Zondervan Publishing Company – Conservative and evangelical but many titles not Reformed.

Modern Reformation Magazine Online – A great bi-monthly publication from a Reformed perspective.

The – This website provides access to numerous articles on various theological and historcal issues from a Reformed perspective

Ligonier Ministries – Great audio tapes and CDs on various topics and Bible passages by R.C. Sproul and various others.

Mars Hill Audio Journal – A great resource for those interesting in Cultural issues from a Christian perspective.

Reformed Forum – This site provides solid content on Christian theology and living.

White Horse Inn – Stimulating listening and reading on various subjects from a Reformed point of view.

*Vision Video – This site has some great Christian movies and video curricula on various topics such as Christian history.

*Ages Software – Here you will find some quality “collected writings” CDs for your computer at bargin prices.

*Bible Works – Great software for the serious Bible student, Pastor, and Scholar.

*LOGOS Bible Software – Very popular Bible software packages ranging from the simple to the scholarly.

Christian History Institute – The organization publishes the Christian History Magazine which provides scholarly articles on key events and figures throughout Church history.

Reformation Art – Free downloadable images of various key Reformers, Reformed Scholars, and important places.

Trinity Psalter Hymnal – This is the newest resource produced by the OPC and the URC. First published in 2018, this one book contains a psalter containing all 150 Psalms put in metrical verse and set to signable tunes, as well as a hymnal containing 419 Christian hymns that have stood the test of time as being sound in theology and beloved by the Church. A fantastic resource for both public and private worship of God.

Trinity Hymnal (1961 Edition (Blue)) – Click here for access to the tunes of all 730 selections of hymns and psalms contained in the first Hymnal published by the OPC. A classic collection in both hymnody and psalmody.

The Cyberhymnal – This website provides access to hundreds of evangelical hymns listed by title and tune. It also provides basic information about the various writers and composers. A great online resource. – This website provides a collection of Psalm Books containing metrical versions of Book of Psalms which can be sung in worship. Four different psalters are available where you can play the tunes for singing any of the 150 Psalms as praise to God. Some of the psalters allow you to listen to each of the four-part harmony separately so you can learn to sing in parts.

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals – In addition to information, you can find tapes, CDs, books and music here.

L’Abri Fellowship International – Originally founded in Switzerland by Dr. Francis Schaeffer and his wife Edith.

Machen Retreat and Conference Center – This retreat center is located in Virginia and overseen by the OPC and the PCA.