We Invite You!

Providence Presbyterian Church is a confessional congregation following in the Reformed tradition of the Westminster Standards.

We are located in Chilhowie, Virginia, a small town nestled in a valley of the southwest region of the state in between Marion and Abingdon, Virginia.  Our region is largely a rural area filled with majestic mountains, rolling hills, and a rich history of Appalachian culture.

We are a down-to-earth and friendly congregation which delights in the fellowship of the saints in corporate worship where God feeds us by His Word and sacraments and where we humbly draw near to Him in reverential prayer and singing.

We invite you to browse this website to find out more about us and our denomination, the OPC.  If you live in our area, or ever visit the region, we cordially invite you to join us for Sunday worship and mid-week Bible study. You can also find us on Facebook.

Bible-Believing. Evangelical Preaching.

We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God to mankind for salvation and instruction on holy living in Jesus Christ, the only true Savior. 

 We are firmly  committed to the preaching of the gospel of God’s grace through Jesus Christ to all peoples and also to ongoing Bible study for personal growth in Christian faith and life.

At Providence you will  find  a deep respect for the Holy Bible and a commitment to believing and obeying its teachings and commands.  

We have Bible-Based, God-Centered Worship in the Reformed Tradition!

We seek to worship God in a way that is based on biblical principles and patterns.  Worship belongs to the Lord and therefore ought to be prescribed by His Word, not personal preferences or cultural trends. 

   At Providence you will experience and participate in worship that is God-centered, orderly, and reverent using forms derived from the Holy Bible, rooted in Christian history, and informed by   sound  doctrine  in accordance with the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition. Come worship the LORD with us this Sunday!